Emma Donnan Forges Onward With Adelante

We hope you are safe and healthy in this challenging time. We all are in the midst of an unprecedented time where there is great uncertainty. All of Emma Donnan’s staff, kids, and families are dealing with the sober fact that school will not return for the rest of the academic year. But Emma Donnan is a resilient community that has overcome challenges before and this time will be no different.

On March 19th, the IPS Board of Commissioners voted 6-1 in favor of approving Adelante Schools as the official operator of Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School beginning in the 2020-2021 school year. While we wish we could begin meeting with all of our Emma families immediately, we are practicing recommended guidelines for social distancing and are in the process of creating alternate ways of engagement. We will be eager to meet and get to know more of you in-person as soon as we can!

Over the last few months, we have been deeply committed to engaging the southside in identifying what they want in an excellent school. We have met many people in this community who care deeply about the success of Emma Donnan and have been inspired by their unwavering passion and love for southside children and families. To all that we have met: thank you for your insight, questions, and commitment. We are humbled to be joining such a vibrant community.

We are grateful to Indianapolis Public Schools for their support of us during this process and their current efforts to support all students and families during necessary school closures. We are also grateful to the IPS Board of Commissioners for remaining committed to giving Emma Donnan families closure as soon as possible with this vote. We are excited to lead our school community as it fully rejoins the IPS innovation family.

Especially in this time of uncertainty, Adelante Schools is committed to moving swiftly in the following ways:

  • Creating opportunities for student and family engagement that is responsive to state and federal health guidelines. Please look out for virtual meeting options soon!
  • We have created a strong hiring process that has been completely moved to a virtual system.
  • Collaborating with Indianapolis Public Schools and the Indiana State of Board of Education to ensure a smooth transition between operators.

Every child deserves to have the best education, every teacher deserves to have the best coaching, and every community deserves to have a neighborhood school that is providing hope. We are humbled by the opportunity to forge a vision with Emma Donnan into this future. Even in spite of challenges to come, we know that the future of Emma Donnan will remain bright.